Are they a good way to kickstart Inspiration?

Difficult Road Image

I’m embarking on a mission to get myself going in the quilt world again. I have had several false starts over the last couple of years and not without good reasons. But I really miss quilting. I miss the hum of the sewing machine, the quiet of the creative moments. I love the colours and the layers of threads that start to make sense after long hours of stitching. I miss it a lot. So I am looking to challenge myself.

I scanned the internet, found several quilt shows and competitions with deadlines that seem attainable with interesting themes and prestigious prizes. The question I have is;  does it make sense to put that kind of pressure on myself? After all of these years will I still be able to put a quilt together that is competition worthy? Will my work measure up to the current contenders of the quilt world? I have no way of knowing really.I know what I would say to anyone else having the same self-doubt. But it is harder to reflect that advice to myself. I think it is an age-old issue with artists.

After all this time, will they still like my work?

I have seen some amazing work come out of the Quilt National Exhibition and the Grand National Show, as well as even the local guild shows. There are some really talented quilters. The art element of the quilt has moved forward while I have been on my sabbatical. Categories I where I was turned down in 10 years ago are now open to the type of work I do, paths have been forged and acceptance is much more readily available to the contemporary art element of quilting. I know I have nothing to lose by trying and I’m hoping it’s not too much pressure. I’ll let you know in a month if I actually will make it happen!