Building an Art Business

The Long and Winding Road Back

I’ve realized that the way back is a very twisty and windy road. I have looked back at all of my past posts (five, clearly I am not a blogger!) and they are all about starting again and again… and again. It would seem that I’m not serious about this… but that is not the case! I am realizing that none of this is actually starting again, it is all part of the journey. All parts of my life are connected and will make sense together eventually.

Next Steps

Now I have to figure out how to put those skills into a business plan for my art business. It’s one of the hardest things as an artist. Creating is the fun part, we get feedback on how people feel about our work and usually, it is positive. We live for that!

Having to track inventory, sales, create letterhead and logos, communicating with clients and keeping contact lists is mundane and certainly does not feel creative. But really without a good business/marketing plan, we are winging it and it shows. I had no idea how important this all was early on in my career as an artist. Now that I have had some perspective I can see, it’s essential. So I will embark on this endeavour with excitement for the spreadsheet, create goals and tasks, contact lists, social media streams, and interesting content for my website and utilize systems to streamline all of this. Then I can get to the fun part of creating.