First Steps in the Art Business

It’s worth making a Business Plan!

It has occurred to me that there are others out there who want to start a business with their art, so I thought I would share my journey as I go. Where to start? It’s a big question. I’ll lay out my path for you, take from it what you want and adapt it to your own style, needs and skills. If you have other steps to recommend by all means comment, we can all learn and help each other out!

Strategic plan mapThe Plan

…this is about as dry as it gets, the whole concept of a business plan can make most artists eyes glaze over and the daydreaming start. Even myself, I love planning, love spreadsheets, but having to sift through this is a special kind of torture.  But I am determined to work my way through this. It occurred to me that I am likely not the only artist to want to stab my eyes out when thinking of writing proposals and plans, I really just want to create my art! It seems that many artists are in the same boat. I decided to talk to some seasoned artists to see if they did one, all so far have said no, but think that they probably should have. We often launch into our work and are caught up in the art, the feedback we receive, the next commission or show and suddenly find ourselves winging it. This works to some degree, but to get the most out of art as a business,  the business side has to come into it at some point.  As I step through this process I want to find a more appealing way to look at this side,  from the perspective of an artist. I’m devoted to this process no matter how long it will take!  I appreciate any feedback you may have to help along the way. Then I will share what I have learned.