What does it take to Find Inspiration?

Sometimes you just need to get out of your routine.

Finding inspiration can take a bit of work and can come in different forms.  There is the kind of inspiration that feeds your soul, a walk in nature – a trip to a gallery, and there is the kind that excites and feeds your work. This week I concentrated on feeding my soul.

I went to the Art in the Garden festival at Kiwi Gardens near where I live with my son last Sunday. One of the most striking artists was Liz Ciesluk. She does amazing fabric sculpture, it was so intriguing, wild and so different from anything I do! It was a glorious day to be walking in a mature garden. Not to mention with really talented and interesting artwork sprinkled throughout the property and woods nearby. There was great music and good food to complete the day. This was an inspiration session that truly fed my soul.

Wor by Liz Ciesluk

Fibre art by Liz Ciesluk

A memory neither of us will soon forget.

We then went to Purdon Conservation Area near where we live. They have over 16,000 wild orchid blooms. The Showy Ladyslipper is a plant that requires very specific conditions to thrive. Joe Purdon worked hard cultivating and nurturing from 1930 and preserved a place for them. There is the added bonus of the rare and endangered species of the Pitcher Plant. We went on a banner day and the blooms were out in full force. As an added treat for the day? We saw a nesting Woodcock in the grass beside the boardwalk. It was very shy and hard to photograph, we got a good look at her chic once we finally saw it not 2 feet from us!

Showy Lady Slipeer

Making time to expand my knowledge and giving myself permission to explore inspiration is often put aside as I have busy days and work to be done. But I really think it will make for more interesting and compelling work ultimately and keep my adventures in my art interesting!

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What do you do for inspiration?  Please post in the comments below, I’d really like to hear from you.