De-Stashing the Inherited Fabric – Part 2

I started with the books.

Kathy and Bridget de-stashingPreviously I wrote about my journey  with my mother who has Alzheimer’s and inheriting her large fabric stash. I have spent many months working on a solution for de-stashing and have had lots of great ideas from many of you. Thank you for that, I love hearing your stories and suggestions.

As well as a large amount of fabric, my mother had a huge collection of books. Deciding to part with these was easier for me as my mother and I did very different work so I had little attachment to most of them. I donated 3 large bins to my local quilt guild library. The rest I took to a re-use centre in town. Great! That’s one part of the de-stashing dealt with. But really it was a drop in the bucket.

What did I decide to do with it?

Landing on a bit of selling, keeping and giving away helped to move things along, but I needed to start with seeing what I had. So I decided to dedicate a few hours each week to sorting.  I take out one bin at a time, some of the fabric is marked or faded and cut strangely – what did she do with some of those pieces?! Then I trim and sort into scrap bags for give aways, pressing the larger pieces. (I love ironing, which I realize is controversial but what can I say? We all have our quirks.)

Fabric shelves de-stashing

I was moving along well, but a few weeks ago found myself little stuck again. How can I remember and know what I have?  I needed a way to organize it all so I could see it. Off to Pinterest, Facebook, fellow fabric hoarders and Instagram for inspiration and got lots of really great de-stashing and storage ideas.

I decided to roll my fabric on cardboard. I have lots of boxes in my life, so I started cutting them up 3” x 5” for small pieces, 5” x 7” for less than a meter and 5” x 12” for larger yardage. It’s going to take a while and there will be tears still, but I finally feel ready to take this mountain on.

Taking de-stashing to the next level.

For now my plan is to sell some through classified groups on Facebook and de-stashing sales in my studio or online. I will donate some to a few worthy causes.  I will make a few quilts to practise my long-arm quilting.  These I will likely give to my kids and my mother’s grandchildren, and maybe to a few cousins, too.  As I wade my way through the fabrics and memories, I am feeling better about it all.  It feels like the right time finally to clear the space and let go.

Anyone want some fabric?

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A great Website in support of Alzheimer’s research is Hilarity for Charity click here to find out ways you can help the cause.