Sew With Me Sunday Demos

New YouTube Channel – Sew With Me Sunday

thread painting of an island with description of Bridget O'Flaherty's YouTube Channel and Sew with me Sunday

YouTube – After many requests, I have started catching sewing projects on video. I now have a YouTube Channel that you can subscribe to and follow along every week. I’m doing demos; capturing thread painting, felting, machine maintenance, natural dyeing, really anything that’s going on in the studio and I even have an eco-minute – where I talk about sustainability in the industry, the environment and nature.

Here are the first two. If you have ideas of what you would like to see or feedback on what I’m showing you, please let me know!

Sew With Me Sunday 1 Long Arm Demos

This week I show you my progress on the barnyard and fencing of a commission.

Sew With Me Sunday 2

This week I demonstrate the Pine Tree thread painting. I highlight materials, thread and stitching techniques.


I talk about the textile industry, sustainability and environmental issues.

Online classes with video tutorials are in development, so let me know what you are interested in below.