Thread Painting a Chickadee

Join renowned textile artist, Bridget O'Flaherty, in this captivating online course on thread painting a chickadee. Learn the art of free-motion embroidery as Bridget guides you through creating a stunning chickadee design using threads as your palette.

The best part? Take the course at your own pace, with the content available for one year from registration. This evergreen course has ongoing enrolment, so you can dive into the world of thread painting whenever it suits you best. With Bridget's expert techniques and insights, you'll bring your chickadee to life, adding depth, texture, and vibrant colours to your masterpiece.

Whether you're a seasoned quilter or a novice, this course will inspire and elevate your thread painting skills, resulting in a beautiful and nature-inspired creation of your own chickadee masterpiece.


Tools and Supplies List

You will get a comprehensive outline of all the tools and supplies you will need to help you on your way. 

Our commitment to sustainability shines through as a pre-printed panel option is printed on organic cotton using low-volume inks, minimizing the environmental impact. Additionally, we encourage the use of RPET threads (made from recycled plastic bottles) and machine needles for your thread painting project, furthering our dedication to eco-friendly practices.

Recommended Tools and Supplies:

  • Pre-printed panel with custom design: Choose the option to work with a pre-printed panel featuring Bridget's exclusive chickadee design on organic cotton with low-volume inks. This will save you time and ensure you have a professional-grade starting point for your thread painting journey.
  • RPET threads: Delve into a selection of vibrant RPET threads, crafted from recycled plastic bottles. 
  • Machine needles: #10 machine needles suitable for thread painting, ensuring precise and smooth stitching.
  • Low-profile hoop: Ideal for free-motion work on the machine
  • Free Thread Painting Basics Course: As a bonus, you'll gain access to our free Thread Painting Basics Course, designed to familiarize you with the fundamentals of thread painting by machine. This course will provide you with the necessary knowledge to confidently embark on your chickadee thread painting project.
  • Copy of "Essentials for Thread Painting by Machine": As part of the course materials, you'll receive a copy of Bridget's guide, "Essentials for Thread Painting by Machine," packed with valuable tips and insights to enhance your thread painting skills.

Please note that while the pre-printed panel is recommended for convenience, you also have the option to work with your own fabric canvas and reference the provided pattern for the chickadee design.


Pattern with Templates and Instructions

This pattern includes all the necessary tools to create a stunning thread painting of a chickadee, making your creative journey seamless and enjoyable.

  • You'll be equipped with detailed guides on preparing to stitch, ensuring you're fully prepared to embark on your artistic adventure.
  • The colour guide will assist you in selecting the perfect hues, while the stitch guide will provide step-by-step instructions to achieve lifelike textures and details.
  • The full template pattern, along with invaluable tips from Bridget, will be your artistic compass throughout the process, resulting in a masterpiece that beautifully reflects your creativity and love for nature.

Whether you're an experienced quilter or new to thread painting, this pattern offers an engaging and rewarding experience, guiding you toward creating a chickadee thread painting you'll cherish for years to come.



Video Tutorials

The Chickadee Thread Painting Course offers a treasure trove of video tutorials and demos, accessible for a full year from the date of enrolment.

Through these expertly crafted videos, you'll embark on a captivating journey of thread painting a chickadee, guided by renowned textile artist Bridget O'Flaherty. Each tutorial is thoughtfully designed to lead you through the process, from preparing your materials to adding the final touches. Bridget's step-by-step demonstrations will empower you to create a lifelike chickadee masterpiece, as you hone your thread painting skills with each video.

With this extensive library of tutorials at your fingertips, you'll have the flexibility to learn at your own pace and revisit the content as often as you like throughout the year. Whether you're a seasoned quilter or a novice, these video tutorials are a boundless source of inspiration and knowledge, ensuring a rewarding and enjoyable thread painting experience like no other.

What people are saying about this course

In addition to the excellent instruction and guidance she provided, I really appreciated seeing Bridget’s own work. In her own creations and in the patterns that she designs, she shows a fine-grained appreciation of the beauty of the natural world around her. That aesthetic sensibility infused the whole workshop. For someone like me, who loves the beauty of the natural world but who struggles to find ways to express that sense of wonder in my sewing, this workshop gave me hope that I can find a way to do that.