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Collateral Beauty

Winter The winter of our discontent… so poignant for me. I have to say, that if I had to pick timing on the death of my husband, this would have been it. It allowed me to hunker down and work through my sadness, my tears, my loss, my grief in the slumber of the winter […]

Taking Big Leaps

I knew my partner’s death was inevitable. I, like everyone else, had no real knowledge of a timeline for that eventuality. But I was pretty confident we were not going to grow old together. This fact was often part of conversations that he and I had over the years. He knew that his time on […]

Grief and a Cat

The world of grief is a lonely place. I don’t like to visit it often, but I do know I have to go there at times. It’s a solitary journey and you can’t come with me, nor can I go with you. I’m all for sharing feelings and stories, it’s in my nature to share […]

In Remeberance of Aaron Nault

Aaron Michael Nault December 1 1970 – December 8 2018 My life partner had been battling an illness for over three decades. It came to a critical point about five and a half years ago. Since then the battle has been hard, he suffered daily and the last year even more challenging. On December 8th, […]

Alzheimer’s, Loss, and Inherited Fabric: What do you do with it all? – Part 1

Alzheimer’s sucks, that’s the first thing I need to get off of my chest. I miss my mother. My mother was a huge part of my life. We were best friends (once we got past the stage where I was a 16-year-old jerk who thought she knew better). As a young adult, my mother was […]