Log Cabin Never Square


This wall hanging is 54cm x 56cm

Soft edge Bound with Rod Pocket and Rod for Hanging.

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Finding a Log Cabin

During a Sunday drive, I happened upon this beautiful little Log Cabin nestled in the countryside of Lanark County. I stopped and snapped a few photos of the idyllic scene. It was years later that I actually put the image to thread. I used the log cabin squares I had from previous works, just like the farmers of old, nothing goes to waste. I chose to offset them in the border. As a reflection of the building style, they didn’t look for perfection, they looked for function. In the end, it is an aesthetic that appeals to me on many levels. Celebrating the foundation builders for our communities, the use of sustainable materials, re-use where ever possible.

54cm x 56cm 

Soft edge Bound with Rod Pocket and Rod for Hanging

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